Allendale New Jersey Is Not Quite What You Expected

Despite the media’s portrayal of New Jersey and the people that inhabit it, you would be pleasantly surprised with what you will find should you venture to the state’s lesser known areas. Why not take a trip to Allendale, New Jersey and see for yourself? Allendale is just one of many places that is sure to break the stereotypes perpetuated by television. With plenty of beautiful real estate and schools that rank in the top 5% of all of New Jersey, you might find yourself wondering how all of these ridiculous stereotypes got started in the first place.

                The surprises don’t stop there, either! Still not convinced? Take a voyage to nearby Glen Rock, NJ, which is ranked as one of the top towns in all of New Jersey. Also ranked are its municipalities, falling in the top 15% in all of the state. A quick look at Bergen county mls will show you the kinds of opportunities that New Jersey has to offer. Glen rock alone has two train stations serviced by buses which will take you to New York, shopping malls, other counties, and really just about anywhere else you might wish to go. It is like a cultural hub, minus all of the crowds and congestion associated with living in a big city. But you don’t have to just take my word for it. Get out there and see it for yourself! Be unconventional. Broaden your horizons. Try something different. Try something unique. Try New Jersey.