Basic guide to locking mailboxes

Basic guide to locking mailboxes

Locking Mailboxes are the ultimate solution to the increasing cases of mail theft and identity theft. A locking mailbox will ensure that both your mail and identity are kept safe. You can buy yourself a locking mailbox that meets your requirements by using the following guide.

Types of locking mailboxes:

Once you have established the necessity of a locking mailbox, it is equally important to decide the type of mailbox and its placement. There are two basic types of locking mailboxes. They are:

Wall mount secure mailbox- These can be attached to your home, garage or gate.

Curbside locking mailbox- These can be attached on a post near your curb.

Placement of locking mailboxes:

The next step is to make sure that the chosen mailbox is installed in its proper place.

Type and quantity of mail:

The most important factor in choosing a secure locking mailbox is to determine both the type and quantity of the mail that you receive. If your mail includes only envelopes and magazines, then there is no need of a large delivery door or a hopper door. However, if the mail includes small or large packages, then it is best to install the mailbox with a hopper door.


It is best to invest in a highly secure locking mailbox from a vendor like These mailboxes are specially made from metal and are designed to last for several years.

Locking mailboxes post:

The locking mailbox post can either be in-ground or surface mounted. The in-ground post goes in the ground, where it is usually cemented in. While the surface mounted post is installed on the sidewalk.

The wall mounted locking mailbox is the most commonly used and installed mailbox. They are quite easy to install and can be mounted on any surface. They provide high security and large mail storage.

There are a wide variety of locking mailboxes available in the market, e.g. stainless-steel locking mailboxes, column locking mailboxes, locking cluster mailboxes, and locking drop boxes. You can choose any design that meets your requirements. The main purpose is to make sure that you buy a locking mailbox that ultimately keep your mail safe and secure.