Benefits of Corporate Housing

For individuals who travel often for business, a comfortable place to unwind in at the end of the day is priceless. Whether you’re a corporate traveler, government official, or healthcare professional, hotels simply do not cater to a home-like lifestyle on the road. That is why more and more business travelers are choosing corporate housing as an alternative to hotels.

For the most part, hotels cater to visitors who spend most of their time sightseeing and exploring the town. These visitors usually dine out as part of the vacation experience. They don’t rely on home-like amenities, such as fully equipped kitchens or spacious living rooms.  However, business travelers spend the entire day at work and desire to come “home” to a comfortable environment. They may be tired of eating out so much and feel a need to cook as part of their regular routine. Corporate suites provide the practical amenities of home, such as microwaves and full-size refrigerators, as well as resort-like luxuries, such as pools and spas. In addition to these amenities, furnished apartments are also much more affordable than hotels. This is especially important for frequent travelers who spend anywhere from three to 30 days away from home every month. 

Corporate housing and extended stay companies such as Rx Housing offer comfortable lodging in more than 4,000 cities nationwide. The spacious accommodations include apartments, condos and high rises.