Building your Face-to-Face Rapport with the Seller

Most rookie real investors have their work cut out for them when it comes to dealing with sellers, especially when they have to meet them face-to-face to initiate conversations experiencing bouts of fear and doubts, but in the long run will turn out to be the fun part when you receive your checks.

However, adequate training can help you to overcome these doubts as well as remembering some vital pointers that will help you stay on point:

Pointer #1: Remember that the seller wants to talk to you. So, all you really have to do is visualize yourself as a interviewer asking the right open ended questions that will keep your potential seller talking. In more ways than one, being a good listeners pays off.

Pointer #2: Show up on time, dress appropriately and be polite throughout the conversation. Importantly, being on time ALWAYS helps a good first impression while dressing up modestly would be a good idea if you are visiting family that is a part of the working class. Finally, smile and greet them professionally will show that you can offer them professional assistance that is in their interest as well.

Pointer #3: Ask the right questions.
Do not jump to the ‘closing the deal’ question immediately, instead asking pertinent questions about their experiences, amenities in the neighborhood etc. Remember to appreciate and validate their responses at every stage. No matter how different your backgrounds are, there will always be common interests that you capitalize on which will create a comfort level with the seller.

Pointer #4: Carry legal documents of the house with you always when you go to the house. Well, needless to say, but as always luck favors a prepared mind, and this will come from getting all the facts right.