Cayman Islands property

One reason that many people consider purchasing Cayman Islands property is the beautiful weather that the islands experience year-round. The winter dry season is balmy, while storms in the summer are usually short and scattered. However, many potential buyers of Cayman condos might be worried about the most dangerous storms of all: hurricanes.

Luckily, there is good news to be had. While the Cayman Islands are at risk of being hit by a hurricane, that risk is slimmer than many of the other islands in the region. This is because hurricanes almost always turn north before they reach the island cluster; the islands are far enough to the west that the odds of a direct hit are very low. Many seniors who have lived in the Cayman Islands their whole lives will only be able to remember one or two major hurricanes. Generally, you will only be dealing with the tropical storm-force winds and rain one finds on the outskirts of a major storm.