How to run a credit check on a potential tenant

How to run a credit check on a potential tenant

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

As a landlord, you will do your best to select a tenant that will pay his/her rent on time and one who takes good care of your rented home. But selecting such tenants on face value can be a recipe for disaster. Therefore, landlords today conduct background checks online to ensure they make the right decision.

Running a landlord credit check yourself is the cheapest way to understand your potential tenant’s credit history. However, you can also hire services that will conduct a credit check, background check, and eviction report for you. This will set you back approximately $19- $35 for each person. Hiring a company to assist with this process will save you time and help you focus on shortlisting tenants and getting other areas like tenant contracts ready.

However, if you prefer to conduct a credit report by yourself, there are credit services that will provide you with data on credit history. These systems will let you pull data within a few minutes. You can also look for services that will let you pull information from all 3 credit bureaus at one time. These will only ask you to fill in the tenant’s information and will give you a complete credit history report of the tenant.

Before conducting your tenant credit check you will need permission from your potential tenant in the form of a completed rental application and permission document from each tenant over the age of 18.


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