How To Use Quartz Sleeves To Filter Water

Water is used not only in the domestic arena but also in the industrial and technological arenas too. Water is usually contaminated quite easily, and there is a hoard of pollutants and contaminants which are found in water. Aqua fine is a company which produces water filtration parts. Certain bacteria, viruses and particulate matter like carbon can contaminate water. Ultraviolet rays are used in the filtration of water, and are a better method to filter water when there is increased presence of algae and microbes in the water.

Fish aquariums and koi ponds usually need a little bit of algae inside the water, so that the fish can feed on them and also use them as hiding places. But the worst thing about these algae is that they multiply quite rapidly and can soon destroy the visual appeal of the pond or the aquarium. The rapidly multiplying algae can also interfere with both the pH and the oxygen levels of the pond. It is advisable to use an Ultraviolet filter in such cases. The Ultra violet filters make use of the quartz sleeves to filter the water in the pond or the aquarium.

The Ultraviolet filters also make use of the Osmonics memtrex pleated filter which is available in varying levels of fineness. More the fineness of the filter more is the filtration capacity of the filter. These water filter parts are available online and also in the hardware shops. But people prefer to buy such products online, because of the convenience of shopping from home and also because they can review numerous products and brands before they actually purchase it.