Kauai Real Estate 2010 December Market Report

If you’re thinking about moving to Kauai, Hawaii you’re not alone. Hawaii’s fourth largest island is becoming a hot place to purchase or build a new home or condo. The yearly total sales volume for Kauai real estate in 2010 saw an increase in sales compared to 2009. While the average price of a home in Kauai remains around the same as 2009 prices, there has been a dramatic increase in sales for 2010 compared to 2009.

So what type of property are buyers interested in? All kinds. According to Hawaii Realty International, the sales volume of homes on Kauai rose 38 percent for 2010. People are buying everything from luxury homes on the North Shore to modest family homes in Kawaihau. The median price of homes on the island is $509,000 while the average price of a home in the neighborhood of Waimea is around $454,950. Sales of condos are also on the rise. Condo sales for 2010 rose 48 percent compared to 2009. An average condo on the island is $255,000. People are also purchasing vacant lots of land. Land sales for 2010 increased 54 percent.

Many people fall in love with the island after their first visit to Kauai. According to many local realtors, there are good deals listed each day on the MLS and buyers are purchasing homes left and right. From cozy beach-front condos for couples to spacious homes and cottages for large families, Kauai offers oceanfront and valley view homes for all types of homeowners and budgets.