Steps to achieve that perfect wedding day smile

Steps to achieve that perfect wedding day smile

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

A perfect, bright smile can make a bride or groom look stunning on their special day. If you are looking at perfecting your smile, it is best to start immediately as visiting a dentist early will give them sufficient time to brighten your smile.

Here are some tips to help achieve that perfect smile before your big day.

Book a check-up – An early check-up will give a dentist the time they need to correct a smile as most patients will require multiple treatments.

Visit a dental hygienist – A dental hygienist focuses on cleaning teeth by removing surface stains and build-up.

Teeth straightening – For those with misaligned teeth, getting fitted with braces can be a good way to align teeth and achieve a balanced smile. Modern braces are discreet and can be removed when required. However, treatment should start at least 6 months to a year before the wedding day to achieve visible results.

Teeth Whitening – Professional teeth whitening procedures have come a long way and, in most cases, patients will only require one or two whitening treatments to achieve a beautiful white smile.

Once you have achieved a beautiful, white smile, it is important to keep it looking its best by maintaining good oral habits. This will involve brushing twice daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush and flossing before bed. Additionally consuming fewer teeth-staining foods such as coffee, tea, and red wine can keep newly whitening teeth, bright well past your big day.

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