The Key to Succesful Closing

In the real estate business, following through is absolutely crucial. You will find that most people claim to see certain things through, but never do, which results in dropped deals, and overlooked tasks. Some people just keep passing on the responsibility. This unfortunately is not the ideal way to run a real estate business. You must have extremely strong ‘follow-up’ skills and be able to identify potential problems during the early stages of the process. Every single item on your checklist must be followed up on and completed.

Many a deal is lost on a daily basis in the real estate business owing to loose ends, unattended matters and unfinished tasks. A good example is a house that you have your eye on and you have 45 days to make the sale before the seller’s contract with you expires. You find a buyer who, in fact, can obtain a loan within this time. However, a few days before the expiration of the contract, you discover that the loan is not ready and that the seller already has another buyer lined up. You have lost the deal!

In such a scenario, if you had made it a point to stay in touch with the buyer, you could have made sure they got the loan in time or you could have even found another buyer in that space of time. Making sure a deal falls through can be a lot of work, but after all, it is your business and you should be the first to take the initiative to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.