Two Easy Ways to Beat Internet Latency for Rural Citizens

Two Easy Ways to Beat Internet Latency for Rural Citizens

Latency is a common annoyance for Internet users all across the country. It may be doubly annoying for people looking for reliable Internet for rural areas because of rural America’s lacking infrastructure for broadband connectivity and the much lower number of traditional Internet service providers willing to do business in rural areas. If you just want the best Internet for rural gaming or other activities that demand limited latency, here are a few things you can do to mitigate latency’s irritating effects.

Switch from dial-up

While many in urban areas may assume dial-up Internet is a thing of the past, companies such as AOL and NetZero are still alive and well in rural areas. Many rural citizens assume that dial-up is their best option, but dial-up Internet has levels of latency that are far from ideal for online gaming and other activities. For people interested in these activities, it may be time to leave dial-up in the past. There are other alternatives faster and better than dial-up that still reach rural customers, such as satellite and mobile Internet.

Switch from satellite Internet

Satellite Internet companies may be popular rural Internet service providers, but their service carries the highest levels of latency out of all available options. This phenomenon is mostly unavoidable because of the distance between satellites transmitting Internet signals and rural homes on the ground. For this reason, rural citizens may be better off using a 4G mobile Internet provider like UbiFi. UbiFi uses cell towers on the ground to provide an Internet signal. This makes UbiFi and other mobile providers inherently better for beating latency than satellite Internet, while still maintaining high speeds and performance.