Two types of real estate agents

When it comes to property matters it is important that you choose to engage a professional who will help you through them. In this regard hiring a real estate agent is your easiest and most cost effective solution. However, you should know that there are specific agents that you should approach depending on whether you are buying or selling.

Buyer’s agents are basically those that will help you find a property. All you have to do is specify your requirements of what you expect from your new property. This can range from price, facilities, location, size etc. Once you do that it is the responsibility of the agent to go out and look for the ideal options for you. You can now rest easy knowing that the agent will do his/her job because of one very important factor. Agents are always paid mainly on commissions. Although they do get a monthly salary, this figure is extremely small and their incentive to make money is commissions. So, the more sales they make the more money they make for themselves.

A seller’s agent will basically sell your property. Once again, their remuneration is based on their sales so they will work very hard to sell your property. They do all the “dirty work” of promoting the property, taking prospective buyers through the property, negotiating prices etc. All you have to do is discuss with them how much you want for the property and how much you will settle for.