What Do Real Estate Lawyers Do For You?

Real Estate Lawyers are lawyers who specialize in real estate; that means most, or all of their time is spent working in real estate transfers and cases. This type of lawyer will have up-date knowledge of the real estate issues you may encounter in the buying, selling or transferring of your real estate.

In order to buy, sell, or transfer property, a title search must be done to be sure you have or are receiving a clear title (ownership) to the real estate at hand. A real estate lawyer can sift through the history of ownership and trace the transfers that have taken place in the past. He may use the outside services of a title search company if the transfers of ownership in the past were unclear or need further investigation. This can be a time consuming job and it pays to have an experienced hand do this for you.

Real Estate Lawyers can prepare all the legal documents you may need for the real estate transaction. This protects you from omissions of information that could hurt you in the future. They prepare mortgages, deeds, leases, and any other document needed to make your real estate transfer go smoothly. In addition they may also act as Trustee, on your behalf, and hold funds in escrow until the real estate deal is ready to close; at which time they can disburse the funds to the proper payees.

Using a Real Estate Lawyer will save you time and money and insure that your real estate deal runs smoothly from beginning to end.