What Is the Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Hearing Aids?

What Is the Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Hearing Aids?

The price of hearing aids differs extensively from very expensive devices to more reasonable to cheap hearing aids that can be just as effective as their pricey counterparts.

HueHearing.com has come to the rescue of many people suffering from hearing loss whether extensive or moderate. With prices on some of the top brands being in the thousands, it is no wonder many people continue to have no reprieve due to financial constraints.

With the advances in technology, it has become possible for companies such as Hue Hearing to produce high-quality hearing devices at a fraction of the cost of the top of the range brands. For example, ReSound One comes with all the bells and whistles and a price tag of $5000 to match. Compare with this chart and read HueHearing Reviews to make your choice before you buy.

 Hue HearingLexieListen Lively
SizeSmall ITESmall BTEStandard BTE
Battery60 A10 batteriesRechargeable 4 daysRechargeable 30hrs
Volume ControlYesYes only on the deviceYes on app or device
Single or PairsPair or singlesPair no singlesPair no singles

This chart demonstrates that there is an alternative to the expensive brands. Hue Hearing offers everyone an equal opportunity to own a pair or single hearing aids that will give them the ability to hear clearly.

The two most significant differences between Hue Hearing, Lexie and Listen Lively are the batteries and the price. The year’s supply of A10 batteries that comes with your purchase of a Hue Hearing aid more than makes up for not having rechargeable batteries. The budget brands offer both single and pairs whereas more pricey brands do not offer singles which is inconvenient when your hearing loss may only be in one ear.