What You Need to Know About Moving to Grand Cayman

Written by: Re/MAX Cayman Islands

The Grand Cayman islands are an island paradise, and some people find the need to hang their hat for good. Before you make the decision to move to condos in Cayman Islands, it’s important that you examine all the potential issues that may arise during your move.


If you want to bring your pets to live in a condo in Cayman Islands, you will be required to furnish a special permit to do so. You will also need an international money order for the amount of CI $50 to cover the costs of bringing your pet into the region.

Importing Fruit and Plants

It’s ok to bring plants within the country as well, assuming that you have the proper permits. Permits can be obtained on entry for CI $5, but if you don’t have the permit your plant may be confiscated on entry.

Entry Requirements

Casual residents staying on the islands for vacation are not permitted to seek work. If you are self-employed, you can obtain a work permit on the islands that will let you stay for the term of the license. This permit is also good for up to three named dependents, giving anyone with a family the opportunity to let kids work.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Grand Cayman is different from most regions in the world. Because most things are imported, there is a higher cost for the usual items one might use in a home. Real Estate in Grand Cayman is on par with some of the trendiest places to live in the world, but there are affordable options for those willing to shop around.