Why So Many People Love Ridgewood

Ridgewood real estate continues to be a hot commodity in New Jersey. If you’re thinking of moving to the area, continue reading to find out why so many people love making it their home.

In 2011, Ridgewood, NJ was cited as Money Magazine’s 26th “Best Place to Live.” It was also awarded the 6th safest city in America by Neighborhood Scout in 2013. Though it’s home to less than 25,000 people, Ridgewood draws national attention for their quality of life.

There are nine different public schools in Ridgewood. According to the New Jersey Department of Education, the city is in the highest category possible for socioeconomic status.

Although Ridgewood has plenty of natural beauty, it also has more than its fair share of manmade sites worth noting. The city is home to thirteen different sites that appear on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of these include the David Ackerman House, the Paramus Reformed Church Historic District and Ridgewood Station.

The city also has a beautiful downtown that combines a historic feel with all the modern shopping and services you need.

Ridgewood ,NJ real estate will continue to be a favored destination in the future, thanks to all the great things the city has going for it. If you’re planning to move to New Jersey, this city should be on the top of your list for possible locations. _____________________________________________________________________

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