A Peak at the Professional Real Estate Agent’s To-Do List

People considering careers in property sales sometimes ask what the “average day” is like. Part of the fun, and part of the challenge, is that no two days are alike for a professional agent. While the new agent probably doesn’t have a lot to do at first – other than return emails or call prospects who’ve indicated an interest in buying or selling property, the experienced agent may have a wide array of responsibilities.

Hot Properties

For instance, the agent may need to attend a probate hearing to determine when a property locked in probate is available for sale. He or she wants to get the information first, especially when one or more potential buyers are waiting for news. The agent also wants to be present when his or her seller has an inspection or appraisal in process.

Many Forms of Communication

Communication is essential to the agent’s ability to perform myriad tasks and duties. Perhaps a prospect is waiting for an update on a property viewed last weekend or a couple wants to arrange a private second showing appointment after an open house. The agent must contact the relevant parties to make and confirm appointments. Most agents need moderate administrative skills to place appointments on a shared calendar program, such as Google Calendar. Although some agents must practice a bit with these programs, it’s an ultimate time saver and an effective communications tool.


Other tasks could involve speaking with loan or bank offices, title agents, attorneys, or escrow professionals for pending issues. The agent probably also spends time uploading details about properties into the MLS system. Perhaps this includes taking video footage for an online virtual showing of the property.


In summary, professional agents must stay focused but remain flexible in a real estate

career. The agent must have priorities for each day, and these prioritization skills move projects in process closer to the point where buyer and seller agree on “yes.”

Realty ONE Group is a real estate firm run by Kuba Jewgieniew. As a former stock broker, Kuba Jewgieniew is well-versed in the data driven approach to selling.