Caribbean Life Today

The Cayman Islands can be found in the western Caribbean Sea, northwest of Jamaica and only 3 hours away from American shores. It is best known for one of its tourist attractions, namely Seven Mile Beach where most of the hotels and resorts can be found; of course the beach is open to the public and can be walked from end to end with other attractions available. Have you ever wanted to experience swimming with the fishes? Then look no further as SCUBA and snorkelling is offered for the tourists who wants to see the Sting Rays as well as ship wrecks that are now home to corral reefs. It’s a typical marine life wonderland in the area as it is considered one of the most colourful diving spots around the world.

You can either choose to visit once in a vacation and never come back again, or buy property Cayman and make it your home away from home with the sea as your back yard and the perfect sunrise every single time you wake up. That’s right Caribbean homes are for sale and they are quickly being bought up as people want to make this marine wonderland their reality.

One other major reason people are looking to buy real estate in the Cayman Islands is it’s tax free! There are no income taxes, no property taxes, no capital gains tax, the best diving in the Western Hemisphere and all within 3 hours of the greater USA.


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