First time buyers: Before you buy

If you are a first time home buyer, there are few things that you must get in order before you can the process of purchasing your new home. The following tips will make sure that you know what your budget is and look for the right type of home to purchase.

The first thing you should do is get pre-approved for a mortgage by a trusted lender. In doing so you will know what your spending level is, obtain a copy of your credit rating, have an idea of what your monthly payments will be and you will possibly get to know what kind of interest rate you will have to pay. Getting pre-approved by a particular lender does not mean that you have to stick with that lender. You can browse around for lenders who will provide you with better terms. However, before house-hunting, it is best for you to choose a credible lender and get pre-approved so that you will get to know the above mentioned facts.

Once you are pre-approved you should also look at your spending patterns. The lender will approve your credit limit based on your income and certain factors. Therefore it is up to you to ensure that you are actually capable of making the monthly payments. Once you have budgeted for your new house, get in touch with a real estate agent. They can help you purchase the best house to suit your needs. While working with the agent, you should also check newspapers and websites for houses that are for sale. Most will allow you to tour the property. Doing this will allow you to check all your options before you buy your first house.