Halloween Safety Tips for the Homeowners

While Halloween can be a fun holiday for homeowners, it also opens them up to significant lawsuits and other home insurance issues. Inviting people onto your property, especially small children, makes you liable for their protection, including many issues that might not have been covered when you first got a home owner insurance quote.

If you want to know more about keeping yourself free from liability during Halloween, here are a few free home insurance tips:

Make sure that your house is well-lit during the night. This not only makes it safer for trick-or-treaters, but discourages burglars and vandals.

Be extremely careful with Jack O’ Lanterns or other lit elements. Make sure that children or pets are free of these areas or consider an electrical candle or other element.

Clear your lawn. Make sure that any toys, gardening supplies, or other items are off of the front lawn or porch.