How to deal with negative online reviews

How to deal with negative online reviews

Managing a business’s reviews is the best way to maintain good customer service while addressing negative feedback before they become a problem. In today’s modern world, customers are quick to offer both positive and negative feedback as it provides the customer an outlet to share their views with others.

Often negative reviews can result in a drop in rating, which can affect future sales. Although eliminating negative feedback is impossible, handling negative comments correctly can greatly reduce its impact.

The following simple strategies can help businesses deal with negative reviews:

Avoid deleting a bad review – When a business deletes a negative review it is seen as being dishonest. Instead, reply to a negative review by thanking the reviewer, while letting them know that you are looking into the matter.

Respond quickly – Checking social media by switching on notifications can help businesses keep on top of negative reviews. Responding fast can mean that a customer is less likely to post and share their experience on other platforms, which can reduce the chances of more people reading the review. Customer websites such as, Yelp, and TripAdvisor can help businesses manage their reviews by notifying them when a review is posted.

Know the facts – An accurate response can let the customer know that the business is being honest with their situation.

Beware of fake news – Fake reviews are common and discouraging. However, knowing that your reviewer is fake can help a business handle such reviews positively. If a reviewer is rude, uses bad language, and only includes facts that can be researched online, often it is a sign that the review is fake.

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