Inexpensive Wholesale rugs

wholesale_rugs.jpgThe first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of an oriental rug is the magic of Aladdin, the Prince of Baghdad. Although most of us who are like antique rugs are old enough to distinguish between the fantasy of a magic carpet ride and the grim reality that involves the costs of these antique rugs.When it comes to Persian carpets, they are normally made at the highest quality as they are prepared from hand knotted silk or wool area rugs, and are considered as works of art that are desired for their handwork, status and durability rather than just rugs to decorate the house.Now since there’s no surprise that these rugs are very expensive especially if you have to export them from countries like Iran, India and Pakistan, so it’s a good idea to find an antique rug dealer in your area who will be able to give you the best deal as well as guide you through the varieties of rugs made of either cotton, silk or wool that will best suit the overall décor of your home.The reason for this is because these wholesale rugs are purchased in bulk from abroad at a price that is lower than purchasing just one rug at a time. So not only does this reduce costs for the rug dealer but this will also result in the rugs being offered at lowered rates.So it’s a good idea to find one of these dealers over the internet or in your area.