Marketing tips for real estate

If you have decided to sell your house you need to make sure it is properly marketed so that you reach out to a larger segment of the market in order to get top dollar. Here are some successful tips to do so.

Make the house look appealing

Re-painting the house using neutral shades, doing up the bathroom and kitchen, sprucing up the floor will cost money, but that cost will be negligible considering the value it adds to the property. Tidy up the interior and garden, you need to wow the potential buyers when they walk through the first time.


Put up a notice in the front yard.

Advertise online: one of the best ways to reach out to a wider group since it is available worldwide 24 x 7 and you can add more pictures of the property.

Local newspapers

Hand out pamphlets within the area

Do research on the prices of real estate in the area; mark the price a little under average in order to attract more buyers. Over pricing is a costly mistake.

Arrange for an open house

Make it a convenient time, and be flexible to accommodate requests to view at other times.