Million Dollar Listing

I appreciate the guest post, Kermit Jenkins

I am a sucker for reality TV, and mixing that with my love for real estate and the life of luxury makes Million Dollar Listing my favorite show to watch. I always watch my favorite real estate TV show on my satellite TV from because it comes on so many times, im entertained all day long. This show follows two real estate companies in very wealthy areas meaning their clients and their homes are top notch.

I love the excitement of the reality aspect of the show since the real estate agents are followed and their actual day to day life is seen, as well as the excitement of the luxurious homes they are selling. I get to see some of the most beautiful homes and some of the most eccentric home owners all in one entertaining show, and could not ask for more. My husband loves to sit down with me and get ideas from some of the homes on home improvement ideas for our own home, but I seem to be the only one that loves to watch it just for the joy of the homes and the people involved.