The Importance of Tenant Background Checks

The Importance of Tenant Background Checks

By Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Most people become landlords because they have extra money they’d like to invest in something a bit more reliable than stocks. Of course, this doesn’t mean that owning properties is going to be so simple. It takes a lot of work to be a successful landlord. From choosing your properties to taking care of them to advertising them and more, there is a long list of responsibilities you need to cover.

A big one of them, though, is a background check. This isn’t so different than the type of background criminal check that gets done when applying for a new job. An instant employment background check is how you can truly get to know whom you’re renting to. You want to find out if they have a criminal background, of course, because you don’t want them becoming a problem for you or your fellow tenants.

You also want to know their credit history, as this will be an indication of whether or not they’ll be able to pay you rent like they’re supposed to. The last thing you want is someone living in your property but not paying you on a monthly basis.

For these reasons and many more, tenant background checks are a vital step to being a landlord.


If you’re a landlord, then you already know that a lot goes into finding the perfect tenants. Amongst other things, you have to conduct proper employment screening to ensure your property and any other tenants are safe.