Where Can I Obtain Listings Of Foreclosures?

Foreclosure is the legal process involving a lawsuit brought about by a bank, mortgage company or other lender that seeks to take an owner’s property in order to satisfy a debt. There are many places where you can obtain listings of foreclosures for free. To start, you can find foreclosure listings in your Country Recorder’s office. Here you can post notices to them requesting that you be informed about the stages of the process of foreclosure. This information is public record, so you have a right to gain access to it, free of charge.

There is a wealth of information available to you online. You can avoid the hassle of visiting your Country Recorder’s office by searching online for free trial services to view foreclosure listings. Pay attention to the services offered so you choose the right provider for your needs. Online services can give you access to bank properties as well, providing you with detailed information such as a contact name and number, loan amount and amount outstanding.

Another helpful place to search is right in your local newspapers. Here you will find publications of the notice of sale. Both newspapers and business journal magazines can provide you with all the details you need regarding foreclosures in their Public Notice sections.

Finally, you can hire an asset manager who is an expert at acquiring the details you need regarding foreclosure properties. Try searching online for an asset management company that suits you. This can keep you constantly informed about foreclosure listings.