Decorating with winter throw cushions

Decorating with winter throw cushions

Throw pillows can change the look of a room and create a winter theme that will transform your space. Wicker Paradise suggests choosing cushions with zippers as they make interchanging your cushions convenient. Here are some interesting tips and themes of throw pillows that are wise investments.

Faux fur throw-cushions – Add warmth to your space with faux fur cushions. If you have a rustic themed space look at colors like beige, chocolate brown, rust or off-white. For a more modern look, consider shades of white, grey and navy.

Themed cushions – Themed cushions are great for occasions or festive events. For example, for a Christmas theme, look at designs with reindeer, snowflakes or bare trees. If you want a nautical theme, for a birthday or a fun BBQ, look at stripes in white and navy or pillows with anchors, boats, and seagulls.

Animal lovers – Animal lovers will love whimsical throw cushions with animal faces like greyhounds, deer, and owls.

Outdoors – For those who love to spend time outdoors, consider pillows that depict wolves, deer, trees, and flowers.

Texture – Vary the texture of your cushions to add more interest. Brown Jordan replacement cushions come in fabrics like wool, tartan, and knits that create a cozy feel.

Refresh your spaces with throw cushions that add color, texture, and patterns to your space. Shop online for various throw cushion themes and design at very affordable prices.