Hearing Aids Perform Well Under $1000

Hearing Aids Perform Well Under $1000

There is no reason to pay for an audiologist when you know that you are having difficulty hearing. The only thing you need to do is contact HueHearing.com to purchase a hearing aid that fits your budget and is programmed to deal with common types of hearing loss.

Many of the high-end products have Bluetooth and other customizations that add to the price tag making them impossible for many to purchase. If your purpose for buying a device is to connect wirelessly to your television or sync to your smartphone then by all means spend thousands of dollars. But if you want to be included and hear and participate in a conversation then the Hue Hearing devices are more than adequate for your purposes.

Here are some comparisons between devices that are available now in 2022

BrandSizeBatteryVolume ControlSpecial Features
Hue HearingIn the EarA10Button on AidTinnitus Masking
AudicusBehind the Ear312Button on AidBluetooth
BoseBehind the Ear312Button on Aid/AppNoise Cancelling
LexieIn the Ear312Button behind AidUpdate on App

To really understand and appreciate the value read this review from James G

 “I have been surprised at the performance of these hearing aids. I have a hearing loss of 50/65 %. Have also been able to reduce the volume on the TV significantly. I can now carry on conversations without asking people to constantly repeat themselves. Their customer service has also been excellent to work with. For the performance and value of this product, I would recommend you try these” And to hear from more happy customers HueHearing Reviews