The dangers of sugar for your teeth

The dangers of sugar for your teeth

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Healthy white teeth contribute to a person’s mental, physical, and social health by allowing them to eat, drink and speak with confidence. Consuming foods that are high in sugar can weaken a person’s teeth while increasing their risk for cavities.

Many types of bacteria live in a human mouth. Although some are beneficial others can be harmful causing damage to teeth enamel which is the shiny protective layer on a person’s teeth. Harmful acids can also cause bacterial infections that lead to holes in teeth and potencial pain and tooth loss.

While the human mouth is constantly demineralizing to reduce damage, if a person consumes more acid food and drink frequestly the mouth will not be able to protect its enamel. Flouride is also an essential part of maintaining good oral health as it repairs damage and strengthens teeth. To reduce cavities and maintain healthy strong teeth and gums it is key to limit the intake of sugar and starches to promote natural repair and restoration.

Although food labels may include different names for sugar sources like maple syrup, honey, molasses or corn syrup, are still as damaging as sugar.

To avoid consuming high sugar food and drinks always read labels and follow suggested portion sizes. There can be hidden sugars in smoothies, yogurt, packed oatmeal, trail mix, salad dressing and bottled iced teas though these are considered healthy choices.

To protect teeth from sugar, always brush teeth at least twice a day and floss before bed. Using a soft bristle tooth brush, for at least 2 mins and follow a circular gentle motion to remove  plaque and whiten teeth. A good quality mouth wash used at night can also help fight bacteria when a person is asleep.

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